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Why Use Us?


We are a husband and wife team with over 44 years of combined experience marketing properties in the UK.

When we moved to SW France in 2014 we set up La Huppe Photos et Plans, a company that specialises in the marketing of residential and commercial properties.



We work exceptionally well together benefiting from each other's expertise and vision.

Donna - Photographer, produces exceptional images for each client A reflection of her passion for the subject. 

Michael draws the floor plans and then creates the interactive URL, using the 2D floor plan with room icons linking to a corresponding photo. 

Magazine Quality Images

We provide a full, professional property photography service with after shot digital editing with HDR.

We produce magazine quality images, combined with floor plans that can achieve a dramatic increase in interest and traffic to your property online.


Showcase Your Property

A property is often one of the biggest investments in life. It therefore deserves to be showcased with a professional set of photographs so it can stand out from the competition in a very crowded market.


We Work With


We work with individual property owners, estate agents, holiday rental companies, bars, restaurants, hotels and chambre d'hôtes,  providing a full, professional property photography service.


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We strive to show your property at its absolute best. 

We are professionals, using professional equipment.


Don't put up with bad marketing photos. Your property deserves better.

Your Property Deserves Better


When people are searching the web for their next home or holiday, visual impact is what will entice them to delve deeper into your property or business. Our work enables this to happen.

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Call Us Now

For an entirely no obligation quote for our services, please call us.

Our pricing depends on the size of your property, the distance we have to travel and the package that you would require.

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