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 Our Services
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Our Services

We can tailor our services to meet your individual needs as every property is unique and the reasons for marketing differ.

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We provide a full set of exterior and interior shots, professionally retouched and adjusted using the latest techniques to show your property at its absolute best. Photography is subjective. Whether your preference is HDR or standard.

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With our drone, we can provide you with an aerial photo of your property, free of charge when you take our photo and floor plan package.

(Subject to flight restrictions.)

HD Video is also an option.

Mixed Videography

Drone Video

By using and editing drone video, we can make you a short marketing video using a mixture of stills and aerial footage for use on your website. This provides your customer with a simple, but efficient way of visualising your property, whether it be large or small. This video uses a mix of drone video and stills, gimble internal video and HDR photography. The preference is your choice.

Stills Videography

HDR Stills Video

Property photographs must stand out.

A simple and effective way is to have a stills video of your property. 

Embed into websites.

Send links quickly and easily to prospective customers. 

Floor Plans
Gimble Videography

Gimbal Video

Our Gimbal enables us to make sweeping video smoothly. In this video the client required their outside space to be highlighted on their website.  

Stabilising footage, the gimbal allows us to film fluid, smooth footage whilst we are on the move. With a gimbal, we have the freedom to film handheld, and the resulting video is easy on the eye, smooth motion. Blur and distortion free, the viewer is able to envisage the outside space more effectively than a photo.

Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Our floor plan service gives a quick and easy way to visualise your layout, space and potential. 

Plans are drawn in 2D but can also be done in 3D on request.

Interactive link


Floor plans are created and digitalised into an interactive format called Picture Plus. Each icon on the 2D floor plan takes you to the photograph of the room. A slideshow and space planner are included.  Easy to use url for marketing purposes.


Twilight Photography

We use the glow of the golden light during sunset. As it is unusual, it really helps your property to stand out from the competition.


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